Bubble Trouble… A Gratifying Challenge

Bubble Trouble means I am ready to face an exciting challenge. What challenge you ask? A huge delicious bubble gum that you want to blow and stretch as much as you can into a gigantic bubble. But this is no easy task because as big as you make the bubble, your friend can definitely defeat you and make a bigger bubble with their bubble gum. So give it your best shot to win.

By the way, Bubble Trouble has three thrilling flavors, strawberry, blueberry and apple. You can pick any of the flavors and enjoy its pleasant taste. Shiva’s Bubble Trouble grants you a world of laughter and games along with its wonderful flavor. Fans of Bubble Trouble know that this yummy bubble gum becomes your lifelong friend with the very first try.

What flavor do you want your challenge to be?

strawberry توت فرنگی

Strawberry Bubble Trouble

apple سیب

Green Apple Bubble Trouble

blueberry بلوبری

Tutti Frutti Bubble Trouble

Product Pack (gr) Product Name Flavor Packs in Display Packs in Outer Box Outer Box Weight
Bubble Gum
26 Green Apple Green Apple 20 8 4/8
Strawberry Strawberry
Tutti Frutti Fruit Mix