Devoted fans of ice cream have a hard time during winter months when their favorite snack gives them unbearable chills in the freezing cold. Shiva might have a solution for you, a mouth-watering option that can remind you of the delicate texture of ice cream without the icy feel of it. Are you ready for it?
Angel Kiss is made up of three delicious parts. The lowest layer is the cone that holds the filling inside and is the foundation of the structure. The second layer is the main and probably the most flavorful ingredient, the filling. The filling of Shiva’s Angel Kiss, or ice creams made for winter, tastes like vanilla and has a soft texture. The final layer is the chocolate coating that covers the other parts and creates a new exciting taste in combination with the cone and the filling.

angel kiss بستنی زمستانی

Product Pack (gr) Product Name Flavor Packs in Display Packs in Outer Box Outer Box Weight
Angle Kiss
(Pillow Pack)
17 Angle Kiss Vanilla 4 12 0/82