Marshmallow itself is a tasty and popular snack that nobody can say no to! If you are a fan of marshmallows, you already know how perfect the mixture of them with chocolate would be. Shiba knows it, too. That’s why it made Malubar for you so you can have your favorite snack with chocolate flavor ready to go and enjoy its unique taste. Malubar is a soft and dewy marshmallow with a chocolate layer on top which is in the brand new snacks category. Just taste it once, and you’ll never forget its extraordinary flavor. Malubar is a thriller blend that is amazing by itself, and you can also use it in coffee, hot chocolate, hot milk, and any deserts and have new savors.

ProductWeight (gr) Display quantity Display Weight (gr) Quantity in the box Box weight
mallowbar 20 24 480 8 3.84