Cremona, From Past to Present

The Cremona brand is Asia’s earliest chocolate spread, first introduced to Iran’s market by Hossein Alizad in 1968 when it launched its operations. Following several years of production halt, the chocolate spread brand Cremona has returned to Iran’s market by Shiva MFG Co. with all-new packaging, better taste and improved quality.
To preserve its originality, Cremona makes use of high-quality hazelnut collected from the village of Ashkoorat located in northern regions of the country. When it comes to taste and quality, this hazelnut is considered premium in Iran and around the globe. As the oldest chocolate spread brand in Iran, Cremona’s top priority is to maintain its quality and take every opportunity to enhance customer satisfaction.

Cremona Chocolate Breakfast

With its unique taste and texture, takes care of our need for a delicious and nourishing morning meal. Some 13% of the paste’s make-up is hazelnut, much higher that other brands, giving it a one-of-a-kind and pleasant flavor.
The high amount of fresh and top quality local hazelnut bursts us with energy and makes Cremona a distinctive hazelnut cocoa paste. The healthy and nutritious chocolate spread contains zero trans fat, making health its main agenda and a fine choice for morning meals and snacking.
Let’s sweeten our moments with Cremona cocoa hazelnut spread and its unique flavor.

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