Shiba has returned from his exciting adventures with plenty of souvenirs!

Did you know that Shiba is an astronaut who has went to see many planets and stars up close? Planets that some were very tasty. Shiba has been a guest in our planet of Earth and has brought with himself delicious souvenirs from other galaxies. Scroll down if you’re interested in playful Shiba’s escapades and the tokens he has collected and brought for us.

The Planet of Jelly Gum!

The planet of jelly gum was the very first place that the playful Shiba visited.
As soon as he set foot out of his spaceship, he realized that the ground beneath him is not firm and hard as always, it’s actually soft and elastic. He had entered a planet of colors with pigments ranging from red and green to blue and white. Shiba made some friends when he was exploring the planet, who offered him local tasty snacks and they were kind enough to pack him native bites to share with his friends.
After saying goodbye to his new friends, Shiba boarded his full-of-snack spacecraft and headed for a new planet for new adventures.
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لیکوریتز likoritz

The Planet of Likoritz

After Shiba left planet jelly gums, from the windows of his ship he saw an enchanting new planet. A planet with a thin layer of red and dots of white, with a center as white as snow!
After he landed, he found out that the white dots were actually sugar! This planet looked like a huge forest full of objects that resembled trees and plants. But when he took a closer look, he saw that these were actually red and green strings with sprinkles of sugar on top that look delicate and delicious.
Their taste was a mix of sweet and sour, a little firmer than jelly gums and chewier. Shiba gobbled up as much as he could and then he filled his ship with much more and left to visit other planets.
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Marshmallow مارشمالو

The Planet of Marshmallow

When the playful Shiba caught a glimpse of the Marshmallow planet, he was so exhilarated that he forgot to slow down before landing. His ship hit the ground hard and the whole fiasco made him upset that he could no longer visit other planets.
But when he started to walk on the planet of Marshmallow, the ground was so soft and flexible that his feet was sucked into the surface. The earth was even softer than the planet of Pastilles. This piqued the playful Shiba’s interest to find out what these candies taste like.
He took a small portion and put it his mouth. The texture was so soft that he didn’t even have to chew. The marshmallow just melted in his mouth. Like his past adventures, Shiba once again packed his spaceship with lots of marshmallows and left to experience exciting new flavors in other planets.
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Mallowbar Planet!

Shiba was looking around precisely when saw a chocolate planet suddenly. The playful Shiba immediately lead the spacecraft toward the unknown planet and landed carefully. The moment he stepped out of the spacecraft, he slipped and fell. But the ground was so soft that he thought it was a pillow. While lying on it, Shiba tried a piece to taste. He couldn’t believe this planet was a marshmallow with a chocolate layer that he found later it’s called Mallowbar.
The first thing that came to Shiba’s mind after tasting the Mallowbar, was that he must bring a gift from this charming planet to his friends on the earth. So when he made sure the spacecraft is full of Mallowbar, he began to search for other new and different planets.
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angel kiss بستنی زمستونی

The Planet of Angel Kiss

The last planet that the playful Shiba visited was like a tall and towering mountain with snow on its peak. Contrary to what he thought, the planet was not cold at all.
Something else that he noticed was that the planet was made of chocolate. The chocolate surface of the planet was filled inside with something that tasted like ice cream and felt like cream but it was not cold like ice creams are, perfect for the bitter cold winters.
When the playful Shiba packed his ship full of ice creams made for winter, or Angel Kiss, that were the souvenirs of this planet, he returned to the Earth to share his snacks with the children of the world. You know, tasty snacks are tastier when shared with friends.
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Shiba Fruity Soft jelly Planet

The playful Shiba was into the space with his spaceship, when he saw the Fruity Soft jelly Planet.
This planet had a variety of colors from distance, which persuaded Shiba to slow down his space ship and move towards the Fruity Soft jelly Planet.
When Shiba landed on this planet, he soon learned that the ground here is quite soft, like the one on the Jelly Gum Planet. His friends living on this plant came to host him with deliciousFruity Soft jellies with a variety of flavors, such as watermelon, apple, and blueberry.
Shiba kept those gifts in his spaceship to come back to the Earth and eat these souvenirs with the children of the Earth, and let them all enjoy the unique taste of the Fruity Soft jelly, together.
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vitajelly | planet

Vitajelly Planet!

Shiba’s journey took a long time and he felt lethargic. He was thinking if he had taken some vitamins with him, he would have felt energized again when suddenly he saw a planet look like a gummy candy. Shiba was so curious to know what was going on there, so he went toward this pretty orange and yellow planet. When he exited the spacecraft he smelled orange, lemon, mango, and guava all around and he saw everywhere is very soft. Shiba made some friends on this planet who explained to him that the Vitejelly Planet is full of vitamin A and D and because of this, citizens of other planets commute a lot.
Shiba found out this brings back his health and energy. He took more Vitajelly to continue his journey and boost his immune system.
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